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    (4 Semester PG Course, Approved by AICTE Affiliated to Kerala University)
    “Everybody is a genius! But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”-Einstein

                                       The CHMM School of Business is committed to produce outstanding management professionals capable of playing leadership roles in their chosen careers in organizations in different sectors of the economy through learning, practicing and research. It provides student-centered experience with significant pedagogic best practices. The presence of highly qualified faculty having excellent academic experience, industrial and exposure ensure success of every student in CHMM. The attitude to overcome obstacles and the zeal to be the first are the two most important qualities required for success. Let us learn to reach the ways to send the obstacles into oblivion.

                                          The department of MBA in CHMM is headed by a prominent academician and management expert Dr.O Wilson, M.Com, PhD, AMT. He is an Accredited Management Teacher (AMT) certified by AIMA New Delhi which is the apex body of management profession in India.


                   As a premier business school recognized for its dynamic teaching learning and research pursuits, our vision is to expand the frontiers of knowledge and business education to help nation building.


                   To provide a gateway of opportunities to talented and determined management students; to enable them deliver high quality business leadership and to carry them beyond narrow economic interests to pursue business objectives that would contribute to social stability and progress.


                  A smart learning atmosphere is created with the help of modern teaching aids. Classroom is equipped with LCD projectors and gadgets that help presentations more interactive and inspiring.

    Library & Computer Lab for MBA

                       The Library and Computer Lab are supervised by well qualified technicians and librarians respectively. The staff members ensure that all students are given personal attention. In short, this prestigious institution is an ideal centre for learning to all, who are really interested in serious studies and academic excellence. A large well stacked library provides the perfect place to read and collect Management Literature, Books, Periodicals, journals and Digital Documents.

    The computer lab is equipped with good facilities and state of the art technology that provides an excellent opportunity for learning and acquiring new skills. The campus is provided with Wi-Fi access.


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    2010 70.00%
    2011 75.00%
    2012 74.00%
    2013 88.00%
    2014 80.00%

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